Pat Robertson is an idiot on many levels.

But Peter Wehner explains the worst aspect of his most recent I-know-the-mind-of-God diatribe:

Pat Robertson’s argument is as neat and clean as a mathematical equation: God grants blessings and curses on nations and people based on their allegiance and obedience to Him. If things are going well, you’re living right; if things are going badly, you’re living wrong. And it is Robertson himself who can divine the hierarchy of sins that most trouble God.

But this view simply does not correspond with any serious understanding of Christianity.

Read the whole thing.


One thought on “Pat Robertson is an idiot on many levels.

  1. Wow. Complete and utter moron. My friends and I watch The 700 Club daily just to laugh at it. Don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING against Christians or Christianity–but this guy is no Christian, he’s a goddamn con artist.

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