“If Bush Did It”, vol. 9,373

From an article shortly after last year’s US election (which argued that, bless his heart, Obama’s job is really hard):

Before he left the White House this fall, then–chief of staff Rahm Emanuel sensed the constant and overwhelming flow of information to the president. Obama’s evening briefing book, which includes everything that wasn’t discussed during the day, was getting bigger. “We need to make his memos shorter,” Emanuel told senior staff, according to someone involved in the briefing process. “Last night we sent the president a phone book.” As a result, memos were slimmed, with just key points up front, followed by a long appendix the president could choose to read if he wanted to. It was a good idea at the time, and still is.

It is a good idea. But just for kicks and giggles, imagine whether Newsweek would have thought so in, say, November 2007.


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