Little things

I had a doctor’s appointment today. (I’m fine. Thanks.) The doctor told me some meds to pick up, so my plan was to take a tram, then a bus, hop off the bus to run into a pharmacy, then back on the bus to go home.

I was lost in some very deep and important thought on the tram, and missed my stop. (This happens more than I’d like to admit.) The next one was close, so I walked back up the hill to the previous stop to catch the bus. Mildly annoyed at all the steps involved in my afternoon, although for Prague they weren’t bad.

Just before the bus stop, I saw a welcome sight: the bright green plus sign that’s universal (well, here) for a lékárna, or pharmacy. I stepped in, got what I needed, and was out in less than 2 minutes. No hopping off the bus, or waiting to hop back on the bus. I probably saved about 30 minutes by going to that pharmacy instead of my usual one. Nice little moment.

Our days– everyone’s– have plenty of hard moments. There were probably people in that doctor’s office today who got bad news. But our days also have thousands of these nice little moments– when things don’t go as badly as they could, or some small thing works out. It’s nice when God pulls back the curtain a bit to let us see and appreciate one of those thousand little things.


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