Not buyin’ it. Literally.

McDonald’s has Premium Salads with “warm chicken.” Starbucks has some breakfast sandwiches that are “served warm all day.”

I confess to being snobby about food, but I also know the difference between “warm” and “fresh.”

Another Lengthy Absence

Well, I did it to you again. Vanished from the blogosphere for over a week without so much as a warning or a guest blogger. Better get straight to some Miscellenies.


We moved. That’s most of the reason for the silence. We now live in Plaza Midwood, a funky, urban-revitalization-type area which we love. It’s pretty Athens-esque. We’re within walking distance of the library, a couple of parks, a DQ (you can get a Coke… just drive through and get a Coke, if you’re thirsty…), and several other cool restaurants including Fuel Pizza, Zada Jane’s and The Dish. And the place is great. It’s owned by a couple in our church, meaning we don’t have to sign a lease, meaning good news if you’re trying to leave the country soon.


Last night I went on my first run in our new neighborhood. I heard lots of dogs, coveted lots of houses, saw numerous Obama stickers and 2 cops on Segways.


A few minutes ago I’m pretty sure I heard flute-playing, and it sounded live. Well, scratch that– M told me it was her radio. Live flute player would’ve made a better blog post, but oh well.


I’ve never had the best impression of Rick Warren, and the whole Saddleback Forum thing isn’t something I’d do as a pastor. But I was impressed with the questions he asked. And I thought the answers made the contrast between the two candidates pretty clear.


I’m a Mac user now. Can’t you tell the difference? Doesn’t this post look smoother, simpler, more intuitive? Well, maybe not, but I like it a lot.


I’m making my first foray into fantasy football with a college league. I expect to get trounced. I mean, I assume everybody in the league can’t just pick Georgia players (we’re all alumni), and beyond that my knowledge is pretty pathetic. We’ll see.


Finally, I bought something for work and got more free downloads from

A (basically) Presbyterian’s Dream

Brixx has one of the best beer lists in town. And on Mondays, all domestic microbrews are $1.50. Let’s elaborate:

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: $1.50.
  • Brooklyn Brown: $1.50.
  • Rogue Dead Guy: $1.50.
  • Highland Gaelic: $1.50.
  • Cottonwood Low Down Brown: $1.50.
  • About a dozen more good choices: $1.50.

Last night I had two meetings.

(Disclaimer: only in moderation, meaning I would never have all the above on the same Monday.)