Blog comment of the week

JT links to a WSJ article and asks “Why are we letting our daughters dress like prostitutes?”

A commenter points out that modesty and propriety are relative concepts (which is true to some extent, but…), and is answered by a mom:

[A]ny guy that tries to argue with any of my daughters that the way they dress is a “cultural construct” and simply a matter of social relativity is going to find his own body construct relatively-altered, courtesy of their Daddy.

Happy Canada Day, Eh?!

Things I appreciate about our neighbors to the north:

But seriously, Canadian bacon? It’s ham, guys. Ham. And let’s just be honest– if we run out of room down here, that whole “longest unfortified border in the world” isn’t gonna help.

Happy day, y’know!

What Gets Said in an Ordination Exam?

This exchange occurred during my oral exams last week:

Me: So my faith was genuine, but there was also a big cultural component to it– I wore Christian t-shirts, I listened to Christian music, and all that jazz…

Committee member #1: You listened to Christian music and jazz?


Committee member #2: There is Christian jazz.

Committee member #1: Christian jazz? Really?

Me: Yeah, you know, it’s about 80% as good as real jazz.