Sermon Audio

Last week I preached at Overbrook Pres in Gaffney, SC, where my college/seminary friend David Weber is the pastor. You can listen to or download the sermon at their web site.

(It’s the same sermon I preached in Atlanta in January, so if you downloaded that one I wouldn’t bother with this one. Unless you just enjoy the sultry sound of my voice. Which would be weird.)


Back in the Saddle

Things that have happened since my last post:

  • We spent 3 weeks at a missions training center in Colorado. It was awesome.
  • We had our 20-week ultrasound, where we could have found out the gender. We chose not to.
  • I told Sam he couldn’t do something. He said “Why?” and I answered “Because I said so.”
  • I realized that reading about news and politics makes me angry, so maybe I shouldn’t do it as much.
  • I unsubscribed to about half the blogs in my reader.
  • I didn’t miss my own blog any more than I did the others.

But I’m going back at it, I think. We’ll see.

The Two Truths and a Lie Poll

OK, the truths and lies are in. Now it’s time for the vote. (I put a lot of cutting-and-pasting work into this, so I hope you people are appreciative.)

On each of the below except your own (if applicable), vote for the one you think is a lie. Then I’ll get answers from all respondents and we’ll see if the voting public was right.

Favorites Monday: Two Truths and a Lie

It’s a virtual icebreaker. In the comments section, tell us two things that are true about yourself and one that isn’t. Don’t tell us which is which.

When the comments have slowed down, I’ll update the post with some sort of guessing apparatus, and we’ll see how good we are. (Lots of us don’t even know each other, so it could be really fun.)


  1. Melissa and I fought for weeks over where in the shower I should put my soap.
  2. I performed with the UGA Concert Choir.
  3. I have seen the Black Crowes 3 times.

Favorites Monday: Who are your heroes?

Favorites Monday actually falls on a Friday this week, which is interesting.

This week’s question: who are your heroes? Three categories (you don’t have to use them all): Historical, Present-Day, and Personal (i.e. someone you know).

Heroes is a very broad category, so interpretations will vary. My general definition is “people I want to be like.” Don’t be put off by the fact that all mine are pastor/scholars– it’s only because that’s what I want to be. Put Shakira on there if you want. Or whatever. I don’t know.

My list:

  • Historical: John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards
  • Present-Day: John Piper
  • Personal: Tom Hawkes, Mike Kruger

Hear My Sermon from 01.04.09

You can listen to my sermon from last week here. (I haven’t figured out a Mac-friendly way yet, but I’ll update this if I find one. Also open to suggestions.)

UPDATE: Mac users can download a plugin that lets Quicktime play Windows Media files. Thanks, Shane. (Regular links aren’t working for some reason.)

I might not come back.

The blog’s likely to be pretty quiet this week.

New Audio

The final week of my Christ in the OT class is now available on the Audio page.

New Audio

Just posted yesterday’s Behold the Lamb of God Sunday School class, on Christ in the book of Proverbs, on the Audio page. And if you didn’t notice, the set list from my show with Jessica at the Czech Inn now has a couple of songs you can download.

(Yes, I’m using show in the absolute most generous sense of the word.)

Christ in the Psalms

Yesterday’s SS class is now up on the audio page. Some good questions & comments from the class in this one.

The book I reference (from which I got almost everything I said) is Richard P. Belcher’s The Messiah and the Psalms. This book by my OT professor is a great overview to the Psalms, and especially to reading the Psalms as Christian writing.