My wife and I are church-planting missionaries in Prague, Czech Republic.  Here’s why we wanted to come here. You can join our support team, or contact me to get our email updates or learn more. Here’s the short version.

Prague is rich in Christian history, but atheism and agnosticism have been culturally dominant for the last 100 years. There are good churches in the city, both Czech and international, but with a city of 1.5 million people, less than 1% of whom are Protestant, there’s plenty of room for more.

We are part of a team that planted DoSlova, a bilingual church seeking to reach Czechs and long-term stayers with the Gospel. We aren’t the only good thing happening in Prague. We just hope to be one more group that God uses to show that he has “many people in this city.”


3 thoughts on “Prague

  1. I love you guys! We are so excited for you and PROUD and thankful for you! My love and prayers to you and all your friends.

  2. How very exciting.

    For about a year or so I’ve been prayerfully yearning for a way our church could be a help via doing some mission trips or whatnot to Prague.

    However, I wasn’t really seeing too many where we’d have significant theological agreement. We’re a Reformed and Southern Baptist church in Texas.

    I’ve signed up for the email newsletter and will prayerfully watch how things unfold over there.


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