Well, not long into the month, I’m already breaking the 1-a-day thing. But I’m not really sad about it– I’ll be at the lake tomorrow, and 2-fam vacations are just not the place for blogging. They’re the place for laying around in your fat pants for hours.

But they are also the place for reading, so here are some books in the stack, which hopefully you’ll hear more about next week.

  • Jesus and the Hip-Hop Prophets: Spiritual Insights from Lauryn Hill and 2Pac
  • A new biography of John Wyclif
  • Pierced for Our Transgressions, an edited volume on the atonement

A little something for everyone. In the meantime, if you need to stay busy:

  • Dan has a very cool video.
  • Leah is an English teacher, young mom and Mark Driscoll fan.
  • Annie celebrates her blog-birthday. (Blogirthday? Blirthday? Birthblog?)
  • Between Two Worlds has the transcript of a convicting confession from the aforementioned Mark Driscoll.

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