No One Believes This is True

Last week Hillary Clinton reminisced about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire. This week, we learned that this was nowhere close to the truth. Her explanation: “I misspoke.” Misspoke. About landing in an airplane with people shooting at you. Right.

Before that, we had the flap over anti-American pulpit rants from Barack Obama’s pastor and “spiritual mentor.” Obama’s response: I strongly disagreed, “just as I’m sure many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests, or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed.” (Yeah, I’m sure lots of us remember sitting over Sunday dinner last week saying, “Oh, silly Pastor Tom, talking about the government giving AIDS to black people. I really don’t agree with that. But I like a lot of what he says.”)

And of course, it’s not just on one side of the aisle. Drudge’s headline this morning was a story about McCain and Romney buddying it up on the campaign trail:

“Mitt just went through the process,” McCain said and turned to the former governor.”The process was very good to you …,” Romney responded. McCain, laughing, said the process was good to him, too.

Oh man, classic. Mitt and John. Old chums.

Is anyone else just incredibly tired of seeing politicians, spokespeople, and talking heads saying things no one believes is true? How can Hillary Clinton, caught on video in an obvious lie, explain with a straight face that she “misspoke?” How can Obama claim with a straight face that he never heard these incendiary comments from the pastor whose church he attended for 20 years? How can McCain and Romney trade punch lines like Abbot and Costello when we all watched them go at each other’s throats two months ago? And how can reporters tell us about all these things with a straight face?

It would be interesting to see a candidate who actually was about “Straight Talk”—who would explain things honestly, even at the risk of being misunderstood or marginalized. Someone who would, I don’t know, let his yes be yes and his no be no. I don’t know if he would be electable, but he would certainly be refreshing. I would welcome the opportunity to watch a candidate speak and not think, “No one believes this is true.”


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