Forgiveness (or, “The Heart of the Matter”)

Christian forgiveness isn’t a matter of forgetting that someone has wronged you, or pretending the offense doesn’t exist. It’s a matter of releasing the debt (like the king in the parable of the servants) and turning it over to God. Then he can decide whether to charge it to them or to Jesus. At any rate, the debt is no longer owed to you.

For this reason, reflecting on the greatness of our own sin can really help in the fight to forgive others. When we think about the infinite debt God transferred off of us, it becomes a little easier to transfer a (relatively) small debt off of someone else.



  1. pastor tom had a great quote for me recently when i was explaining how angry i was at a sister in christ for hurting a friend of mine.

    he said “jessica, it is clear there is a debt to be paid in this situation. however, it is not yours to collect.”


  2. Actually, the content of this post may or may not have been ripped off pretty much verbatim from Pastor Tom.

  3. I was hoping to find a reference to the excellent 80s (or was it early 90s?) song by the same title.

    Instead, I’m bored with all this theology mumbo-jumbo! Booooo!


  4. Rebecca McDonald says:

    I needed to hear that. Thanks Jake (or thanks God for prompting Jake to write it).

  5. very true… and releasing the debt clears the way for the opportunity for restoration – maybe not the expectation, but at least the opportunity.

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