“Ow! That really hurt! Who throws a shoe, honestly?!”

You may have seen that an Iraqi reporter threw his shoes (both of them!) at President Bush during his farewell visit there this weekend. Best comment I’ve seen so far:

Only because of the U.S. was an Iraqi journalist allowed to throw that shoe. On some level, he knows that.

Yeah, it’d be interesting to see what happened if you threw your shoe at the guy who was in charge before the imperialist bastards came in and ruined everything…

(extra points if you can name reference in title)<!–



  1. Andrea Snyder – when Anna threw her shoe at her in the grocery store.

  2. friendofcírdan says:

    Austin Powers!

  3. Attaboy, Tom.

  4. Marty Altman says:

    So I changed my Facebook status to this same quote and THEN went to your blog NEXT. Great minds, man…great minds.

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